Ormskirk FC is a voluntary organisation that relies on player subs and sponsorship to operate. All our managers and committee members are volunteers.

Annual Registration Fee

The Annual Registration Fees are FREE for the 2020/21 season. They are usually £10.

Monthly Subs

Our monthly subs for teams are running for 8 months only for 2020/21 season (they normally run for 9 months), from September to April (inclusive), and must be paid by standing order. Our Academy training session subs run all year round on a month-to-month basis.

Our monthly subs vary depending on what each player signs up for. The full breakdown can be seen in the table below.

Amount per Month Description
£15 Train only (including Academy sessions), or matches only.
£25 Train once per week and play for 1 team.
£30 Train once per week and play for 2 teams.
£35 Train twice per week and play for 2 teams.

See the Fees FAQs to find out more.

Club Bank Account Details

All registration fees and monthly subs must be paid by bank transfer:

  • Bank Name: Lloyds TSB
  • Account Name: Ormskirk FC
  • Account Number: 01573466
  • Sort Code: 30-17-48
  • Payment Reference: Surname Age Group, e.g. Smith U12 Inter
  • Payment Day: 1st of every month

If you setup your standing order to come out on a different day to the 1st of a month, this is fine, but please contact us to let us know. If that day has already passed, you should make a one-off bank transfer for that month, then the standing order should start the following month.

We don't accept cash or cheque payments unless they are for the whole season up-front.

2021/22 Sponsors
2020/21 Sponsors