Social Media Policy

It is against club and FA guidelines to post anything on social media that may be conceived as offensive, insulting, abusive, threatening, racist, discriminatory or any other reference that may cause offence or harm to others.

Any such comments made on club websites, league websites, or on social media regarding teams or officials may result in disciplinary action being taken in line with The FA’s disciplinary policies and procedures.

Everyone should make sure that match results are not posted on social media for teams in the Under 11s age group and below as this is against FA Guidelines. In fact, we'd recommend not posting scores for any age group at any age as it doesn't always come across well.

Managers should not post full names of children on social media due to privacy concerns.

Team social media accounts should only be used for positive comments so that it reflects well on the club. Remember, you are representing the club when you create a social media account in its name, so have a responsibility to uphold the reputation of the club.

There should be no swearing or foul language used on club social media accounts as this reflects badly on the club.

Social media is not the place to air grievances so don't use it for this.

Don't use club social media accounts for personal use. Keep it for club use only.

Make sure you use good spelling and grammar on club social media accounts too.


Team Twitter accounts should have the following naming convention:

  • Handle: @OrmskirkFC_U12s
  • Name: Ormskirk FC U12s
  • The profile photo should be of the the team’s shirt or a team photo, not of the club crest (to avoid confusion with the main club account).
  • The cover photo should be a team photo.