Awards Presentation 2018/19

Awards Presentation 2018/19

Our end of season awards presentations for the 2018/19 season are taking place on 14th & 15th June 2019.

We've split the teams up into four separate sessions across two days, and the session times are listed below.

Please note that tickets are strictly limited to two guest tickets per player and must be ordered in advance from Managers. Additional tickets may become available at a later date depending on the initial take-up.


  • Venue: Ormskirk Civic Hall, Southport Road, Ormskirk, L39 1LN
  • Dress Code: Players to dress smart-casual (doesn't have to be a shirt & tie, but no football kits!)
  • Dates/Times: See session times below
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Format: Theatre style, no catering, but the bar will be open!

Session Times

Session 1 - Friday 14th June 2019 - 7pm-10pm

Doors open at 6:45pm - ceremony starts at 7pm sharp!

  • Ormskirk FC U11s Madrid (Lee B)
  • Ormskirk FC U12s Ajax (Stephen M)
  • Ormskirk FC U12s Juve (Stephen M)
  • Ormskirk FC U12s Roma (Jordan L)
  • Ormskirk FC U13s Sparta (Kevin M)
  • Ormskirk FC U15s (John C)
Session 2 - Saturday 15th June 2019 - 12pm-3pm

Doors open at 11:45am - ceremony starts at 12pm sharp!

  • Ormskirk FC U7s Girls (Tony C)
  • Ormskirk FC U7s Inter (Lewis S)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Ajax (Chris T)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Santos (Dan S)
  • Ormskirk FC U9s Juve (Stephen W)
  • Ormskirk FC U9s Sparta (John D)
  • Ormskirk FC U10s Bayern (Dan S)
  • Ormskirk FC U10s Bilbao (Jack H)
  • Ormskirk FC U10s Inter (Dan S)
  • Ormskirk FC U10s Milan (Steven L)
Session 3 - Saturday 15th June 2019 - 4pm-7pm

Doors open at 3:45pm - ceremony starts at 4pm sharp!

  • Ormskirk FC U7s Barca (Peter B)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Barca (Hugh M)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Bilbao (Matthew F)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Boca (Chris W)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Galaxy (David H)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Juve (Richard S)
  • Ormskirk FC U8s Sparta (Peter M)
  • Ormskirk FC U9s Barca (Peter B)
  • Ormskirk FC U9s Bayern (Chris W)
  • Ormskirk FC U9s Cosmos (Leigh W)
Session 4 - Saturday 15th June 2019 - 8pm-11pm

Doors open at 7:45pm - ceremony starts at 8pm sharp!

  • Ormskirk FC U10s Barca (Stevie K)
  • Ormskirk FC U10s Galaxy (Stevie K)
  • Ormskirk FC U10s Santos (Melvin S)
  • Ormskirk FC U11s Inter (John B)
  • Ormskirk FC U11s Milan (David S)
  • Ormskirk FC U13s Galaxy (Spencer W)
  • Ormskirk FC First Team (Tony C)


Every player will receive an award for playing for the club this season, and each team will have the following special awards in addition to this:

  • Players' Player of the Year Winner
  • Manager's Player of the Year Winner
  • Golden Boot
  • Most Improved Player

If anyone has any queries about anything, please ask your manager.