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Ormskirk FC Kidz 2016/17

Posted on 19th September 2016 by Ormskirk FC

Ormskirk FC Kidz 2016/17

Ormskirk FC Kidz is a football development group for children in Reception & Year 1 (4-6 years olds).

These weekly training sessions will start again on Tuesday 20th September at 5:30pm at the JMO Sports Park in Skelmersdale (ask at reception to find out which pitch to go to). The sessions are a great introduction to football and prepare players for joining teams when they're ready and old enough.


We're making a few changes to the pricing of the sessions for this season (see the FAQ section at the bottom of the page for more information).

September pricing

In September, the sessions will be £3 pay-as-you-go with no commitment needed. Come along and give the sessions a try. We expect these sessions to be busier than usual in September as lots of kids will be trying them out for the first time.

If you're coming, you must text your details in advance to our Club Secretary, Steve, on 07736 464 624, so we know to expect you.

October onwards pricing

From October onwards, the sessions will be £12 per month by standing order (which works out at around £3 per session). Every player must fully register with the club before attending from October onwards (a £10 annual club registration fee will apply) and places will be limited.

What to do next?

If you wish to attend, please text your details to our Club Secretary, Steve, on 07736 464 624.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are the sessions for?

The sessions are for kids in Reception & Year 1 (4-6 year olds).

What does my child need to wear for the sessions?

The sessions are held on a 3G pitch, so kids can wear astro-turf trainers or football boots. All kids must wear shin-pads too. Kids should bring a bottle of still drink with them (preferably water, and isotonic drinks are not allowed). And of course, the kids should come dressed appropriately for the weather - hat, gloves, coats, under-armour, etc, are all fine as it gets colder.

Why the change in pricing?


We're changing our pricing from pay-as-you-go to monthly from October onwards so we can plan the sessions better. Last season, we had 5 kids turning up on some weeks, and 35 kids on other weeks! We can't plan the sessions and have enough coaches available if we don't know how many kids are attending each week.

Commitment and development

We've found that players develop better by coming regularly to these sessions. Players that end up in our teams are usually players that have been coming week in, week out, in all weather conditions.

Preparing players to join teams

One of the main purposes of these sessions is to provide a pool of players that are ready to join Under 7s teams. Players that join teams have to be committed to coming every week, so we want the same commitment from those that come to these Ormskirk Kidz sessions so we know they'll be committed to joining an Under 7s team when they're ready and old enough.

Bringing pricing in line with our teams

It's better for us to have consistent pricing across the club. Our monthly subs for players in our teams is £24 per month for 9 months from September to May, plus a £10 annual club registration fee (match & training kit is provided free of charge). Players in teams (Under 7s/Year 2 and older) train once a week and play matches once a week, so this works out at around £3 per training session and match.

Can I come to a one-off session to see if my child likes it?

Yes, that's fine. The session will be £3 and get in touch with our Club Secretary, Steve, on 07736 464 624, to book your child in.