Sponsored Walk Hailed A Massive Success

Posted on 25th August 2011

Sponsored Walk Hailed A Massive Success

Sponsored Walk Hailed A Massive Success.

Story taken from the Ormskirk Advertiser

JUNIOR footballers walked from Southport to Ormskirk to raise money for new kits.

Players from Ormskirk FC were joined by their families as more than 60 walkers took part in the fundraising adventure.

Finishing on St Helen’s Road the fun continued into the evening as a bouncy castle, a barbecue and an assault course entertained parents and children.

Hi-vis vests and football shirts lined the main roads between the two towns during the walk earlier in the month.

The trek was organised by Ormskirk FC, and raised more than £1,500.

Kevin Duffy, who manages several of the club’s junior sides, was pleasantly surprised with how successful the walk was.

He said: “We needed to raise vital funds for all the new teams this year.

“We have created two new teams and also brought another team on board, so needed three new football kits, training kits and jackets.”

According to Kevin, the walk was as much about bringing the teams together as raising money.

“We tried to do it to pull everyone together and had about 41 kids – including a six-year-old – who did the nine mile walk, which I was made up with. There were 25 adults so we were pleased with the turnout.

“It just showed that they supported the idea for something as simple as walking from Southport to Ormskirk.”

The walkers finished in Ormskirk around 4pm after setting off from Southport Promenade at 12pm.

To encourage fundraisers to ask family and friends for donations there were prizes for the players who collected the most sponsorship money.

Incentives included the prospect of a new football shirt or pair of boots, and Kevin had no problem purchasing the awards for the winners.

Three children raised around £200, with one of them hitting £210.

Tired walkers were able to relax at the pitches on St Helen’s Road as the adults enjoyed a well-deserved rest.

Delighted with the amount of money raised, Kevin said: “It took our breath away – it was quite a performance.”

But while the barbecue cooked and served 150 burgers and the same amount of sausages, and parents shared a keg of beer, the young footballers were still filled with energy.

Taking advantage of the bouncy castle they also played football and created assault courses.

Kevin, who is looking forward to the new season, labelled the event as a success which highlighted the “family feel” of the club.

He said: “It turned into a really good day and the feedback we have had off everyone has been really good.”

Can i just say a massive thank you to all the children and parents who took part in the walk and helped the club raise over £1500

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