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Raising awareness for local charities and good causes

Posted on 5th February 2018 by Ormskirk FC

Raising Awareness For Good Causes June 2018

This season, we've started a new initiative that we hope will help raise awareness for some local charities and good causes.

When we have a team that is unable to find a commercial shirt sponsor for their match or training kits, the parents and the club will usually chip in together to buy the kit ourselves.

When this has happened this season, rather than having no sponsor logo on the shirts, we decided to donate free in-kind shirt sponsor spots to some local charities and good causes.

We're hoping to use our social media following, as well as people who see our teams wearing these shirts with the logos on in person, to help raise awareness in some small way for the fantastic work that they do by offering the same Sponsorship Benefits that we give to our commercial sponsors, but at no cost to the charity or good cause.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be doing some shout-outs for the charities and good causes that have allowed us to use their logos on our shirts so far. You can see the full list of charities and good causes that we're supporting so far in the 'We Support' section of our Sponsors page, and throughout our website.

If you're involved in a local charity or good cause and would like to give us permission to use your logo on one of our team's shirts when the next opportunity arises, please email with the details.


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