Code of Conduct for Parents & Spectators

This is a code of conduct for parents & spectators that watch training sessions and matches.

Parents & spectators have a huge influence on a child’s enjoyment and success in football. It's important to stress that positive encouragement will contribute towards children enjoying football, having a sense of personal achievement, self-esteem, and working to improve their skills and techniques.

A parent & spectator's expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude towards other players, match officials, and managers & coaches.

Parents & spectators should:

  • Applaud the opposition as well as their own team.
  • Avoid coaching the players during the game (this must be left to the manager and coaches).
  • Never shout, scream or use foul & abusive language.
  • Respect the referee’s decision, and bear in mind that a lot of referees in junior football are children themselves.
  • Give attention to each of the players involved in football, not just the most talented.
  • Give positive encouragement to everyone to participate in football.
  • Keep an eye on their own children on the at training sessions and at matches to make sure they're behaving.
  • Watch training sessions from outside the pitches, not on the pitches or within the courts. Only managers, coaches and players should be on the pitches.
  • Watch matches a few steps back from the sideline so the managers have room to walk up and down the touchline. Never encroach onto the pitches.
  • Ensure they adhere to the club's Social Media Policy.

If you do not follow this code of conduct when watching matches or training sessions, you may be:

  • Issued with a warning from the club, league or County FA.
  • Required to meet with the club, league or County FA Welfare Officer.
  • Required to meet with the Club committee to explain your actions.
  • Required to undertake an FA education course.
  • Asked not to attend any future training sessions or matches by the club.
  • Suspended or required to leave the club.

If you have queries about anything above, or can think of something that should be added, email [email protected].

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