Code of Conduct for Players

It's important that everyone behaves themselves when playing football, and players have a big part to play.

That's why The FA is asking every player to follow a Respect Code of Conduct.

Players should:

  • Always try their best, even if they're losing or if the other team is stronger.
  • Always work hard and behave themselves during both matches and training sessions.
  • Listen to their manager and coaches, and respect what they have to say say.
  • Practice their football skills as often as possible, not just when they're at training or matches.
  • Play fairly - don't cheat, complain or waste time.
  • Never be rude to team mates, the other team, the referee, spectators or managers.
  • Always be positive and encourage team mates.
  • Never blame team mates for mistakes during a match.
  • Do what the referee tells them to do.
  • Shake hands with the team mate they're being substituted on or off for.
  • Shake hands with the other team and referee at the end of the game.
  • Ensure they adhere to the club's Social Media Policy.

If players don't follow this code of conduct, they may:

  • Be required to apologise to their team mates, the other team, referee or coach.
  • Receive a warning from their coach or the club.
  • Be substituted or suspended from training and/or matches.
  • Be asked to leave the club.

If a player is unhappy about anything at the club, they should talk to someone they trust about it, e.g. their parents, their coach/manager, or the club's Welfare Officer.

If you have queries about anything above, or can think of something that should be added, email [email protected].

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